Self Determination Program
Financial Managment Service Downloads:

Self-Determination Services Intake Packet

TSM Check Request Form

TSM Vendor Information Form

TSM FMS Service Agreement Form

Mileage Form


TSM Informational Flyer

Financial Management Services for Participants of the Self-Determination Program
Tracy Stein Management Services, Inc. (TSM) in accordance with the Self-Determination Program provides FMS services to safeguard your interests and manage your budgetary funds as outlined in your individual plan.
Once you've signed up for the service and provided TSM your approved budget and plan, the process is simple. You:
  • Submit a completed Check Request Form along with supporting documentation to request a payment be made on your behalf.
  • Here's how to complete a Check Request.
And TSM does the rest:
  • TSM will process vendor invoices and check requests through the DDS eBilling System to obtain budget funds. 
  • Upon receipt of funds, TMS will issue payments within 3 working days. 
  • Monitors your budget to ensure that exependitures are within the budgeted amounts.  TSM will notify everyone involved if we are unable to pay a request/bill we receive.
  • Issues vendor required IRS W-9 and annual IRS required 1099 forms for any vendor paid greater than $600.00 a year.
  • Maintains all documentation for a minimum of seven (7) years.
  • Issues monthly reports to Service Coordinator, Broker and Participant/Family.
  • Assists in verifying provider qualifications, including criminal background checks.
Pricing for Financial Management Services:
  • 1-3 Services - $50.00 per month
  • 4-6 Services - $75.00 per month
  • 7+  Services - $100.00 per month
Monthly Reports

TSM provides the Participant/Family, Broker and Regional Center with monthly reports (Budget Summary, Budget Master, Actual Expenses and Monthly Status) of participants Self-Determination Budget.
  • Budget Summary: summarizes total budget year to date by goal/category & service code.
  • Actual Expenses: provides report of budget expenditures year to date.
  • Account Status Listing: provides detail report of expenditures for the month (much like a check register).